Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley, located around San Francisco and San Jose in California, is the technology hub of the United States. Home to gigantic companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, etc. , Silicon Valley is immensely wealthy and advanced.

Animated timeline shows how Silicon Valley became a $2.8 trillion neighborhood
Welcome to Silicon Valley
Bill Draper: The Rise of Sand Hill Road and Silicon Valley
Bill Draper: The Origins of Venture Capital in Silicon Valley
America’s Most Expensive Real Estate Is In Silicon Valley

Day in the life of Silicon Valley

Day in The Life at a Silicon Valley Startup
Day in the Life of a Facebook Software Engineer.
Communal Living In Silicon Valley
The millennial commune movement: Networking in real life
Minimalist Apartment Tour | Silicon Valley 700ft2/65m2
Theranos – Silicon Valley’s Greatest Disaster

Companies in Silicon Valley

APPLE PARK – The Spaceship
The Town That Facebook Built
What do people do in Silicon Valley after work?


Why are startups leaving Silicon Valley? | CNBC Explains
Tables Turned: High-Paid Techies Priced Out Of Silicon Valley
Ever-growing tech giants have changed the pace and price of life in Silicon Valley
India Is Becoming Its Own Silicon Valley | VICE on HBO
Why Amazon Is Building Its Largest Campus in India

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