Skyscrapers are the defining architecture of most of the World’s major cities. They can be more than 100 floors tall as with the Burj Khalifa, or very thin in the case of Pencil Skyscrapers.

HOW IT WORKS – Skyscraper
Building New York’s 21st Century Superscraper
How To Build A Skyscraper
Melbourne’s Prefabricated Super-Slender Skyscraper
30-Story Building Built In 15 Days (Time Lapse)
(56-story version)
The design tricks that keep skyscrapers from swaying
The World’s Most Expensive Skyscrapers | The B1M
The Brilliant Engineering Behind Burj Khalifa | Richard Hammond’s Big

Early Skyscrapers
Building The World’s First Skyscraper 
The Empire State Building, an Engineering Miracle!!!
EVOLUTION of WORLD’S TALLEST BUILDING: Size Comparison (1901-2022)

Water in Skyscrapers

Skyscraper Water Supply | Strip the City
Inside New York City’s Water Towers | The New York Times

New York City Skyscraper Gap

The Real Reason for the New York Skyline Gap – Cheddar Explains
How New York Got Its Skyline

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