Solar Robot Boats

There is a new capability that has arisen – the ability to deploy solar-powered boats that are autonomous, so they can roam the high seas indefinitely. Except for repairs, there is no reason for a solar robot boat to ever stop.

The Robots Roaming the High Seas
This autonomous boat is trying to cross an ocean using only solar power
Automated Cargo Ships: The Next Transport Revolution?
Self-Driving Boats: The Future of Navigating the High Seas
Exploring Earth’s Final Frontier With AUV Technology
Giant Boat Is Powered Entirely By Solar Energy
(this boat is not a robot, but it could be one day )
Solar Ship Sails Around the World
The First Autonomous Boat To Cross The ENTIRE Ocean
SCOUT- Robotic Autonomous Transatlantic Boat
Self-driving boats: the next step for autonomous vehicles

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