Space Jump – Felix Baumgartner

Felix Baumgartner rose 24 miles (39 km) above the Earth in a balloon-lifed space capsule, then stepped out of it and plunged toward the ground. He reached speeds of 600 MPH in the process. The ultimate Skydive in Skydiving history.

Jumping From Space! – Red Bull Space Dive – BBC
Felix Baumgartner Space Jump World Record 2012 Full HD 1080p [FULL]
Record breaking space jump – free fall faster than speed of sound – Red Bull Stratos.
Watch: New footage of Fearless Felix space jump

Mission Profile

Red Bull Stratos CGI – The Official Findings


Felix Baumgartner’s space capsule
The Capsule – Red Bull Stratos 2012
The Balloon – Red Bull Stratos
Red Bull Stratos – World Record Freefall
What If You Jump to Earth Right From ISS?

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