Space Planes – Amazing new tech for travel and science

A space plane acts like an airplane when it is closer to earth, and then a rocket when it runs out of atmosphere and enters space. The X-15 fifty years ago was the first space plane, and modern attempts may actually bring commercial space planes to reality.

Dawn – A Space Transportation Company

Dawn of the Space Plane
(Dawn MK-II Aurora)
How Space Planes Will Work
Dawn Mk-II Aurora Intro Video

The Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser – resupply vessel for the space station

Meet Dream Chaser, The Next-Generation Space Plane | Countdown to Launch
Dream Chaser, can it be the “mini” Space Shuttle?
SNC’s Dream Chaser® Concept of Operations

The 1979 Star-Raker concept

Space Plane – The Rockwell Star-Raker
The Star-Raker – A 1979 Space Plane With 15 Engines, Massive Wings & Huge Ambition

The X-15 was the first space plane. It flew to the edge of space and landed like an airplane

X-15 The Ultimate Flying Machine
Why Neil Armstrong’s X-15 Test Flight ‘Bounced’ Off The Atmosphere
The Fastest X-Plane – Mach 7 North American X-15

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