SSC Tuatara – A Street Car that can go more than 300 MPH

For a long time cars of the Bugatti Veyron and Koenigsegg class have held the speed records, but the now the SSC Tuatara  has dominated the competition with mind blowing speeds. The car depends on great aerodynamics plus an amazing 1,750 HP engine.

The World Record Run in October 2020

The SSC Tuatara is the world’s fastest production car
2020 SSC Tuatara
WORLD’S FASTEST ONBOARD: SSC Tuatara hits crazy 331mph top speed! | Top Gear
Meet The Hypercar to Dethrone all Hypercars – The SSC Tuatara vs my Bugatti Veyron
10-13-2020 Hypercar Sets Speed Record on Stretch of Highway 160

How can a V8 engine produce 1,750 HP? In this video they try a bunch of options

SSC Tuatara Engine In Automation!
Press Release Brief | Tuatara Intake System

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