Start a Business: Raising Worms

Worms can be a surprising source of revenue in three possible ways: 1) Sell the worms, 2) feed the worms as a source of protein to something else, like chickens, 3) see the worm waste, or worm compost, or worm castings.

Big money in worm waste
Make $60K-$100K a Year By Growing Worms in Your Basement
South Georgia Farmer Raises Millions Of Worms
Be a Worm Farmer
Big Red Worms Introduction Video
Six Million Worms…and Counting
Tour a Commercial Worm Farm!
Worm Farming
The Bohemian Life: Worm FarmerJack Chambers
Vermicompost – CFT Continuous Flow Through
The advanced vermi composting facility VERMIC 3.2 HD
Worm House with 1-million Red Wigglers producing organic soil!
Build your worm farm

Using worms to feed animals

Gross or Brilliant? Using Bugs to Feed the Animals We Eat | National Geographic
How to Grow Chickens Without Buying them Grain By Only Feeding them Compost

Small scale worm farming

How to start a worm farm in 4 steps: vermiculture made easy
Tumbleweed Worm Farming Tutorial
Three easy ways to build a worm farm
Harvesting Worm Castings | Highly Effective Method For Separating Out The Worms!

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