Start a Business: Scrapping Metal

Metal can be valuable, and people throw away a lot of it. If you can collect scrap metal people are throwing away and sell it to a recycling center, it can become a source of income for you. Steel, iron, copper, aluminum and electronics all are valuable.

How to make $2000 a month scrapping metal
How To Make Money Scrapping Metal For Beginners – Scrap Metal Tips, What To Look For
We Made $132.51 Scrapping Some Stainless Steel and Steel Cabinets. Making Money Scrapping
Making Money by Scrapping Random Metal Items

Copper Scrapping

Copper Scrapping Hacks – Scrap Metal For Beginners – Tips And Tricks!
Taking Metal to the Scrap Yard – Copper and Aluminium Makes it Worth it!
How to find Free Copper
5 places I’ve found scrap copper
I Made $11,750 Profit Buying Scrap Copper in One Day

Scrapping big motors

162LB Monster Motor Melt Down – Trash To Treasure – ASMR Metal Melting – BigStackD Casting

eScrap – electronics scrapping

HOW IT WORKS | Computer Recycling | Free Documentary
Learning about E Scrap, HUGE MONEY!
The Ultimate E-scrap guide.
Recycle gold from electronics devices. e-waste Recycling scrap components connectors circuit Boards.
How to Scrap Old Computers ☀ Gold & Silver Recovery

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