Stirling Engines – Amazing engines run just on heat

A steam engine converts heat to steam and uses steam pressure to drive a piston. An internal combustion engine burns fuel internally and uses the pressure of the expanding gases to drive the piston. A stirling engine is completely different. It uses heat directly to change the volume of air or fluid in the engine and the changing volume makes the engine run.

Stirling Engines – How They Work
How A Stirling Engine Works
How a Stirling Engine Works
Simple Low Temperature Stirling
Bill Nye the Science Guy Demonstrates the Stirling Engine
Stirling Engines – the power of the future?

Make a Stirling engine

How to make a simple stirling engine
Building the Horizontal Pop Can Stirling Engine
DIY Cheap and easy-ish Soda Can Stirling engine
LTD Stirling Cycle Engine Free Plans Easy to Build Hot Air

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