Stop-Motion Animation

Movies and cartoons are often made with stop-motion animation. The famous AT-AT scenes in Star Wars VII (The Empire Strikes Back) are one example. The Wallace and Grommet shorts (and the movies by the same studio) are another famous example. Thousands of Internet fan films using LEGO stop-motion are another.

Laika Studio is doing stop-motion at the highest level

How Stop-Motion Movies Are Animated At The Studio Behind ‘Missing Link’ | Movies Insider
Credited As: Stop Motion Animator
LAIKA | ParaNorman | Hand-Making the World

The Basics of Stop Motion Animation

How to Make Stop Motion Videos
STOP MOTION TUTORIAL & TIPS | Film With Your iPhone !
8 stopmotion tricks in 2 minutes
Star Wars Visual Effects, from AT-ATs to Tauntauns
The Battle of Hoth: A Lego Star Wars Stop Motion Film BEHIND THE SCENES
(The Video)

Vengatoon Examples

Spongebob Patrick Play doh STOP MOTION playdo video Bob Esponja Stopmotion – Vengatoon
Max from The secret life of pets movie Stop motion play doh clay cartoon – Vengatoon

Wallace and Grommet Behind the Scenes (Aardman)

Wallace and Gromit – Making of The Curse of the Were – Rabbit
Wallace and Gromit making of (filming)
How Claymation Movies Are Made | Movies Insider

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