Student Loans – The good, bad and ugly

Student Loans are a paradox, a conundrum. Student Loans seem like a good idea. And sometimes it is the only possible way to go to college. But there are two problems. First, it is possible for a 4-year college education to cost as much as a house. Which means a lot of debt when starting out in life. And second, if you choose the wrong major and do not get a job that can pay off the Student Loans, or if the economy tanks making all jobs hard to get, it can end up taking decades to pay off the Student Loans.

What to consider before taking on student loan debt
Everything You Need To Know About Student Loans | The 3-Minute Guide
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Millennials in Debt: Their Struggle to Make Money
How U.S. Student Loans Became A $1.6 Trillion Crisis
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All student debt in the US, visualized

Paying Off Student Loans

The BEST Strategy for Paying off Federal Student Loans FAST (It’s not what you think!)
How Can I Pay Off My Student Loans Faster?
How I Paid Off $225,526 in Student Loans in 2 Years
$35k in Student Loan Debt Paid Off in 30 Months | My Debt Free Journey

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