Super Truck Racing – The ultimate motorsport, like NASCAR + F1 with huge jumps

What if you took Formula 1 and then added huge ramps so the cars have to land from 10 feet or 20 feet of air? Obviously everything about the car needs to change in order to handle the impacts. The cars start to look a lot more like Baja Trophy Trucks, with enormous suspension travel and incredible beefy frames. Add a big engine for plenty of power and… This is Super Truck racing!

Here is what a typical Super Truck race looks like

HUGE Air At Gold Coast
From the description: “Final 2 laps from 2016 Gold Coast SST Race 3, HUGE AIR from Matt Brabham during his epic battle with Sheldon Creed.”

In this video the suspension and engine of one of Robby Gordon’s trucks:

2016 Robby Gordon Stadium SUPER Trucks Walk-Around

The wrecks can be impressive, but the massive frames seem to take it in stride

WTF Moments in Stadium SUPER Trucks
Stadium Super Trucks Roll/Rollover Compilation

This is a rock crawler instead of a Super Truck, but shows the kind of materials and thinking that goes into a suspension

TRAILING ARM Suspension Explained with Jake Burkey – ROCK RODS TECH

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