Telescopes (huge, scientific)

Massive telescopes let scientists better understand the universe, and they can be massive devices costing up to a billion dollars. They use some of the latest technologies humans have invented.

Worlds’s Biggest Telescopes You Won’t Believe Existed ||HD||.
World’s 11 Most Amazing Telescopes
How a Giant Telescope Works
Casting a $20 Million Mirror for the World’s Largest Telescope
World’s Biggest Optical Telescope – ELT
Extremely Large Telescope Could Unlock Secrets Of Alien Planets – How It Works
FAST: The World’s Largest Telescope | A China Icons Video
This 3.2 Gigapixel Camera Will Record a Timelapse of the Universe

Keck Telescope

W. M. Keck Observatory – Overview
Restless Universe | Explore Films

Very Large Telescope
The Very Large Telescope in Chile
Inside the Very Large Telescope (UT2) – Deep Sky Videos
Touring Chile’s telescopes

James Webb Space Telescope

An Introduction to the James Webb Space Telescope Mission
The making of NASA’s most powerful space telescope
Building the Largest Space Telescope Ever | National Geographic
How Close Are We to Launching the James Webb Space Telescope?
What’s Stopping the James Webb Space Telescope?

Telescopes on the Moon?

Could humanity’s return to the moon spark a new age of lunar telescopes?
The Far Side Of The Moon Is The Perfect Place For a Radio Telescope

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