Toilets are a human lifeline to better health and smell-free homes. Toilets and sewer systems keep human waste from making people sick. Before toilets, life in cities tended to be awful.

Toilets: Behind the Flush
How does a Toilet Work?

Unclog a toilet

How To Unclog a Toilet in 11 Seconds!
How to Unclog a Toilet: Pro Techniques
Unclog A Toilet-3 Different Ways Guaranteed!

Fixing a toilet

How to Fix A Running Toilet GUARANTEED | DIY Plumbing Repair
How to Fix a Toilet – Flush Valve Replacement – Part 1 of 2
(part 2)
How to: Toilet valve replacement

Replacing a toilet
How To Replace or Install a Toilet | The Home Depot
How To Remove, Install, Replace, Or Update Your Toilet.
Toilet Flange Repair Using a Toilet Flange Extender (Step-by-Step)
How To Install A Toilet Flange Extension Kit – Master Plumber Extension Kit
The Correct Height of a Toilet Flange

Rats in toilets

See How Easily a Rat Can Wriggle Up Your Toilet | National Geographic

Where the water from a toilet goes

Wastewater: Where does it go?
What happens after you flush the toilet on a cruise ship?

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