Tranquilizer Darts

Tranquilizer Darts (also known as tranq darts) are used on animals all the time, but in movies and TV shows we also see them used on people. The idea is that the dart injects the tranquilizer drug, putting the animal (or person) to sleep.

How a Tranquilizer Dart Works in Slow Motion – The Slow Mo Guys
How Tranquilizer Darts Work
What Actually Happens When a Tranquilizer Dart Hits You?

Animals being tranquilized

Chimpanzee makes daring escape before being tranquilized
Rhino darting, with Dr Kevin Robertson
Safely Tranquilising An Elephant | This Wild Life | BBC
Inquisitive polar bear gets shot with a tranquilliser dart

Drugs used as tranquilizers

Azaperone and xylazine in red brocket deer
Express Video of the Week: Butorphanol
(Used in the rhino video above)
What Ketamine Actually Does To Your Brain
5 Tranquilizing Facts About Carfentanil | Drug Facts You Never Knew | Detox to Rehab

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