Ultrarunning and Ultramarathons represent running at the next level. Ultrarunners are running further – sometimes much further – than a traditional marathon. 2X or 3X farther in some advanced cases of ultramarathons.

What Happens To Your Body During An Ultramarathon
UltraRunning: what I wish I had known 5 years ago…
Running the Iconic Leadville 100 Ultra Marathon
How endurance athletes are using the power of the now | Ned Phillips | TEDxUWCSEA
How “normal people” can train like the worlds best endurance athletes | Stephen Seiler | TEDxArendal
Breaking Stereotypes With an Ultramarathoner
How This Former Child Soldier Became an Ultrarunning Prodigy | Short Film Showcase

Dean Karnazes

Dean Karnazes, the ULTRAmarathon Man | Human Limits
The Greatest Ultramarathoner – Dean Karnazes
Finding your best self | Dean Karnazis | TEDxAcademy

Jim Walmsley

HOKA Ultrarunning Academy: Jim Walmsley Top Tips
RUNNING ANALYSIS: One of the FASTEST Ultramarathon runners ever!
How Jim Walmsley crushed the Tarawera Ultra course record

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