Undersea cables

Undersea cables are what we use to connect the world together on the Internet. Somehow China, Europe, Africa, Australia, etc. all hve to connect together, and undersea cables are the best way to do it.

How a Few Undersea Cables Connect the Entire Internet
Deep Sea Internet Cables Connect the World
Undersea Cables Power The Internet
How Does the Internet Work?
Deep sea cables: Facebook, Microsoft lay massive underwater data cable across Atlantic
How undersea cables are laid
Watch what it takes to lay Google’s super-fast submarine Internet cable
Inside the installation of new undersea transatlantic cable
Inside the Beach House Connecting the World’s Internet
A Journey To The Bottom Of The Internet
Submarine Cable Installation: Tools for Power, Telecom, and Seismic Cables (MakaiLay)
The Secrets Behind how the Internet Works

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