Virtual reality Theme parks

We all know about theme parks like Disney World and Universal. There is even a LEGO theme park. Now the next big thing is Virtual Reality Theme Parks.

The Void

Step Into the VOID, Where VR Merges With the Real World | WIRED
Experiencing Star Wars
The VOID VR: So Real You Can Smell It


Nomadic Location-Based VR Experience Trailer
VR You Can Touch – Nomadic
PROJECTIONS, Episode 14: Inside Nomadic VR’s Physical Playground

Prague DIVR

Golem VR Experience Prague – Trailer
VR Golem: Europe’s Biggest Virtual Reality Attraction!

China’s VR Theme Park

Inside the Largest Virtual Reality Theme Park In The World – VR Star Park China



Location-based VR

Successful Business Models in Location Based Entertainment (LBE) | Brad Scoggin Virtual Reality

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