Visiting the World’s Largest Treehouse

What if you started to build a treehouse. But then what if you couldn’t stop? You just kept building and building? Eventually you would have the world’s biggest tree house. Then what if you had to close it to tourists, you abandoned it, and you didn’t take care of it? Then it might light on fire and burn to cinders in just a few minutes, like this:

Derek Carter, a captain at the Cumberland County Fire Department, was on the scene when local police officers called in to report the fire. “It was basically a pile of rubble when we pulled up. The fire was so intense we had to park 500 yards away,” says Carter. He estimated that the structure took 15 minutes to burn and firefighters contained it upon arrival.

The World’s Largest Treehouse Burned to the Ground in Less Than 15 Minutes

It was an amazing structure while it lasted, and several people have left records of it on YouTube. Let’s take a look:

World’s LARGEST Tree House – ABANDONED
World’s Largest Treehouse BURNED to the Ground – KEN HERON
SoLost: The World’s Largest Treehouse

Once it was gone, another treehouse would become the world’s largest…

Here are the contenders:

Top 5 BIGGEST Treehouses

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