Whaling nearly caused the extinction of many whale species as humans hunted every whale they could find. Only an international treaty from the IWC (International Whaling Commission) saved the whales, but even so there are still a few violators who refuse to quit and they continue whale killing to this day.

History of whaling

Leviathan – The History of Whaling in America
Whales And Whalermen (1957)
Whaling (1940-1949)
Whale Hunting and Its Future | 1970 Documentary on Whales and Whaling Industry
What If We Never Started Hunting Whales?

Modern Whaling Continues

Japan commercial whaling: Outdated cruelty or sacred tradition?
Whale Wars: Scientific Research
Illegal Japanese whaling filmed by the Australian Government in Antarctica
How Japan Gets Away With Killing Whales
WSPA – exposing the cruelty of whaling activities


What If All Whales Disappeared on Earth
Why Whales Became the Biggest Animal of All Time
All Whale Species – Species List
Whale Size Comparison ll Extinct & Living

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